What is the Future of Luxury in Toronto and Ottawa markets.

30 Apr What is the Future of Luxury in Toronto and Ottawa markets.

Brian Winston of WINSTON Collective is known as Canada’s premier source of luxury advisement to Global Luxury Companies looking to enter the Canadian and US markets.   Recently dubbed the “Guru of Luxury “  by some of the Media’s key personalities , Winston consults on all aspects of Luxury within the fashion, footwear, fine jewelry and time pieces world. Most recently he has expanded his reach to Hospitality sector including marketing and branding for a few discerning brands.

Brian was recently asked to speak to the former CTV anchors Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler on their weekend show “What They Said” to discuss the current state of Retailing within the Toronto and Ottawa markets. Are we over saturated with too many luxury options for a small segment of the population ? How is luxury Retailing changing with shifting demographics, omni-channel retailing specifically the e commerce platforms? How have Canada’s demographics shifted the key merchants of luxury and where does that leave the balance of consumers?  All of these questions discussed in a short ten minute segment  of What She Said.